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【Real time】Dayaowan Customs seized foam rollers for yoga with a value of RMB 110,000 yuan 

    Recently, Dayaowan Customs affiliated to Dalian Customs seized 620 foam rollers for yoga with a value of RMB 110,000 yuan concealed in a batch of imported goods. 
  It is known that this batch of imported goods came from Australia and the commodity name as declared by the importing enterprise was waste broken material. As something abnormal was found during machine inspection, this batch of cargo was turned for inspection by people. Wang Hao, inspector of Dayaowan Customs, introduced: “The inspector on the spot found that the front and back and both sides of the container were declared cargoes, but undeclared cargoes were concealed in the middle part.” It was found through investigation that the concealed cargoes were foam rollers for yoga originated from USA and there was a total of 620 pieces. 
    Now, this case is under further handling.

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